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Sens– Satori is in fact a mixture of two meaningful words so the 1st part of it ‘Sens’ reflects the five basic human senses sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch, organs associated with each sense send information to the brain to help us understand and perceive the world around us, we think everyone should know that. Here is the bit we think not many people knew which is the 2nd part of us ‘Satori’The word origin of Japanese 1816 author of books on Buddhism Satori is 理解, 把握, 知識, 分かり to understand the truth also used to empathies comprehension in other stories.


We are a group of senior property consultants and experts in real estate brokerage first of its kind serving a wide range of our clients’ base in United Kingdom , United Arab of Emirates and Egypt. We wanted to revolutionize property investment and real-estate consultancy by making it about people’s needs and what really matter to them. We’re proud to bring the brand new concept of ‘Home Delivery’ into home buying process to ensure that home buying or selling process is fun, easy and stress-free as well as profitable.


The company provides a full real estate market awareness for those interested in buying/ renting properties for end-using or investments opportunities with a variety of professional high-profile real estate consultants specialized in buy & rent market covering Residential and Commercial properties in UK, Egypt & UAE.We go the extra mile for our clients. Beside the great portfolio in Real Estate sale & rent brokerage consultancy, we at Sensatori Properties are proud to announce that we can now assist & guide you by connecting with the experts in-source and out-source on the following fields:

  • Full Property management & supervision.
  • Real Estate market indicators and analysis.
  • Property mortgage consultancy.
  • Property evaluation analysis.


WE bring your new home/ investment to your doorstep so YOU can SAVE TIME & EFFORTS.
WE assist you throughout the buying process and YOU PAY NO COMMISSION.
WE offer FREE consultancy to suit your needs and budget so YOU can make the right decision.

Our success is based on more than 80 % referrals and word of mouth from satisfied clients. Most important to us is providing the most excellent service to buyers and sellers in order to earn their trust, referrals, and repeat business. We aim to be your One and Only trusted property partners/ consultants offering you peace of mind and guiding you when you really need us. We ensure you achieve the best outcome in every transaction whether that is buying, selling, investing , moving into your new home or just looking for a professional advice.


Is simply quoted in our name “SENSATORI” which adds a huge commitment from each one of us to offer his/her utmost level of the Five human senses by putting our client in the heart of everything we do. Because we only expect the best in what we get we also promise the best in what we give so your home will have to match your 5 senses expectation. Meaning home with the best view for your sight, luxury to touch , beautifulness to taste & smell and last but not least the peace & quite guaranteed.

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