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My 100% commission program is planned by Sensatori Properties for proficient real estate brokers working in the United Arab Emirates which assurances accepting their 100% commission on the spot of bringing any effective deal to a sale/lease exchange before we depict the subtleties of our new program (My 100% Commission program)

Please have a look on the ABOUT US:

Presently and after you become more acquainted with additional about us if it’s not too much trouble see whether these beneath questions coordinate with your consistently contemplations:

  • Are you an expert real estate broker?
  • Are you a hard worker?
  • Have you contemplated firing up your own real estate brokerage firm?
  • Isn’t it an opportunity to get your full 100% bonus on your effective sale and lease exchanges?
  • Do you like to be liberated from going consistently at the workplace from 9 AM toward the beginning of the day?
  • Do you need to add your own touch and imagination to the showcasing review and plan of your selling/rental tasks/properties?
  • Do you need to apply your own procedure to produce more likely leads for purchasers/occupants for yourself?
  • Do you look for freedom in your real estate profession?
  • And at long last, isn’t it an opportunity to get your full 100% bonus on your effective sale & lease exchanges?

If these above questions come to your mind regularly, and if the answer is YES, then, we are proudly announcing that we are the first real estate brokerage firm in UAE offering you to be a part of our team as A PARTNER  and earn YES for all above questions, in addition, and most important is granting your 100% commission.


Submit your resume now and book an appointment with us, we are looking forward for your partnership with us.

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