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Check-In Service

Our Check-In Service is a recommended requirement for all Landlord’s. At lease commencement, it is important to obtain a signed condition report from the Tenant. This report will contain an inventory list for any furniture items or kitchen appliances (if applicable). It will document the property condition at the onset of the lease contract. It provides an opportunity to register any defects before Tenant occupancy and will be used to assess & compare the condition at end of the lease. This document would be required to support any deductions from the Tenants refundable security deposit. A professional and experienced representative from our property management Team will accompany the Tenants on the agreed key handover date. We will provide and complete the report and arrange for the Tenant to sign an acceptance of the condition. In addition to the report, we will register and receipt the keys and access cards issued for Landlords future reference. If we have not facilitated the leasing of the property we can still conduct a Check In and arrange the condition report on Landlords behalf.

Check-Out Service

At the time the Tenant vacates the property the Landlord has this opportunity to identify any damages or defects to be chargeable to the Tenant. Once the keys are returned at the expiry of the lease the property reverts back to the Landlord�s responsibility and the property condition should be established & acknowledged by the Tenant during this time. Noted damages liable for deduction from the Tenants security deposit is subject to the terms and conditions of the lease contract. The Tenant may claim that any damaged items where there at lease commencement however if you have conducted a check in condition report this can be referred to. Should the Landlord enlist to our Check-Out Service and will also require our assistance to obtain quotations and undertake any rectification works we can include this. We would arrange for completion of works to a good standard using our reputable and efficient external maintenance contractors. Only contractor costs would apply and therefore saving 10% charge which is our standard service fee for Landlords who have not enlisted to our full property management services.

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