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A refundable security deposit of 5% of the annual rent will be expected to be paid on Landlords acceptance of Tenants offer to lease. This security deposit which is held by the landlord and returned at the end of the term dependant on the condition of the property. You will need to pay your rent up front for the period of lease in the way of post-dated cheques depending on the terms of your agreement. Other costs will include 5% of the annual rent payable to the Agency for commission plus 5% VAT. You will also need to budget for the deposits required to be paid for connecting your utilities such as water, electricity, televisions etc. 5% VAT is payable on services provided and will be incurred on utility charges.

No. A residency visa is essential to rent in Dubai. If you are new to Dubai and your residence visa is under process then please speak to a Leasing Client Manager at Exclusive Links Real Estate and they can advise you.

If the tenancy agreement is being prepared in the name of an individual then you require your passport, residency visa and Emirates ID. If the tenancy agreement is being prepared in the name of a company then a company trade license, passport copy & visa of the company owner, passport and residence visa of the occupant/s. A salary certificate may be a further requirement to show acceptable income to cover the rental amount.

The landlord is responsible for paying any services fees relating to a property however as a tenant you are responsible to pay a municipality tax of 5% of the annual rent which is shown separately on your electricity bill (this is separate to the 5% VAT). You may be required to pay a contribution of the air conditioning fees if the property is not set up to meter each unit individually. In this case, the charges are normally made by the developer or owners association and not by a utility provider.

Typically a tenancy agreement is for a period of 12 months on a renewable basis.

Yes, there is a “Unified Tenancy Contract” which is mandatory and additional terms and conditions can be included in an Addendum to the Tenancy Contract. Please be sure to read the small print and understand each clause.

Unless previously agreed with the landlord in the Tenancy Agreement a tenant is not permitted to sublet the property and should comply with the rules of the UAE.

Advance payments are usually made through post-dated cheques which are handed to the landlord, their authorised POA or their appointed management company on signing the tenancy agreement. Please ensure that you always have funds in your bank to clear post-dated cheques as bouncing cheques in Dubai is illegal.

You are not permitted to make any changes without written permission from the landlord. This includes any painting, fixtures and fittings.

Rental prices are governed by the Rental Index issued by RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Agency) as set out in Decree 43 of 2013. Increases are allowed depending on the market rates and the current rent being significantly under the average rates. Please speak to Sensatori Properties Real Estate to confirm the current regulations.

Unless there is a provision in your tenancy agreement for early termination it is subject to discussion and agreement between the landlord and the tenant. Otherwise, the term of the contract should be honoured by both Parties.

The landlord is responsible for general wear & tear of the property and any major replacements and repairs. The tenant is responsible for any breakages and any minor replacements and repairs. Further terms may be outlined in the Tenancy Contract.

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