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Selecting a Management Company to effectively promote and maintain your property is a very important decision. At Sensatori Properties, our core business and priority are the care and management of your property.

Snagging inspection services

Sensatori Properties Real Estate Brokers can assist new property owners with their pre-handover inspection conducted with the Property Developer. One of our property management team will attend the inspection either in conjunction with the new property owner and the developer’s representative or on behalf of the property owner for those based offshore. During the property handover period, new property owners can be rushed through their handover inspection with the developer’s representative and subsequently, many defective items can be missed during the inspection. Our team of Property Inspectors are trained and experienced in identifying faults that can be costly to repair once the warranty has expired. Exclusive Links will attend the handover inspection; the following items are just part of what will be checked for serviceability and quality control.


  • External concrete finish, texture and painting of the unit walls
  • Damage or imperfections to paint or concrete of external walls
  • The window frames, glazing and surrounds
  • Paving and tiling work to patio, balcony, carport and front entrance
  • Alignment and finish of fences or dividing walls
  • Exterior electrical fittings
  • Main building/unit exterior fixture and fitting
  • Roofing and waterproofing


  • Doors for correct clearances and function, as well as handles, locks and door stops
  • Window frames, screens, glazing, surrounds and functioning
  • Plaster works for tool marks, scratches, uneven surfaces and sanding ridges
  • Ceilings for correct finish and for visible joints
  • Quality and fitting of ceiling fixtures such as lights
  • Cornice lines for finish and alignment
  • Walls and the skirting boards for uneven levels, finish or painting
  • External corners and arches for straightness/even curve
  • Kitchen cupboards, vanities and the bench tops for scratches, damage, function of doors/drawers and general finish
  • Tiling and grouting for finish, chips or cracks, uneven laying and straightness
  • Cut-outs from tiling around taps and plumbing for correct sizing
  • Painted surfaces for coverage, blemishes and paint run (paint spillage onto tiles, benches, cupboards etc. will also be noted). Nail holes are also checked for proper filling
  • Baths are checked for scratches, damage, poorly fitted drains or plumbing fixtures
  • Granite surfaces for cracks, chips, poor alignment or joining
  • All other plumbing fixture and fittings will be checked for damage or poor installation
  • All electrical appliances/connections are in working order
  • Key and lock availability

Inspection service includes

  • A thorough and detailed written report which will be provided within 4 business days of inspection date
  • Constant follow-up inspections until rectification works have been completed by the developer
  • Any further information and/or telephone support required by our client after the reports are delivered

Handover and key collection

In the event you can not travel to Dubai at the time of building completion for the handover, Sensatori Properties can represent you and attend on your behalf. It is likely the developer will require a legalised Power of Attorney and Exclusive Links can provide assistance with this procedure and preparation of approved Power of Attorney format for your use. On completion of the building and confirmation of handovers commencing we can assist in arranging a handover appointment. Kindly consider all final payments and procedures that are outlined by Developer would need to be adhered to for key collection.

Our Handover service includes:

  • Initial snagging inspection service (as above) or follow up on the previous inspection (if applicable)
  • Images of the property for your preview
  • Check the serviceability of electrical outlets, air conditioning control and supply and water pressure and drainage and report any defects
  • Check the property is fit for occupancy when accepting keys
  • Conduct meter readings of electricity and water consumption if utilities are connected
  • Assist with the utility connections into owners name if required
  • Collection of documentation and handover paperwork – this includes but not limited to; appliance warranties, homeowner manuals, key and access card inventory, handover certificate.

Final warranty inspection

  • Prior to the expiry of the developers/contractors warranty period for your property, we will return to complete a thorough inspection of your property.
  • This will be as extensive as the initial snagging inspection and in addition, may include any defects that have not been fully completed previously or correctly, and any new items or observations we can request them to correct while under warranty.
  • This would be the last opportunity to report these findings as once expired all defects would become chargeable and owners responsibility unless damage caused by Tenant.
  • Photographic evidence of pending items can be supplied to owner and developer/contractor to assist and verify the defect.

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