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Property Inspection

Property inspections are generally conducted on a quarterly basis for those occupied with long term Tenants. This will provide you with assurance the terms and conditions of the contract are being abided by and your Tenants are maintaining your property. Tenants are notified in advance of inspections due and arrangements made for access.

Inspections include:

  • Internal/external lights and electrical supplies are working
  • The air conditioning system is operative and if servicing is required
  • Water supply and pressure is available and bathroom functions are in working order
  • Monitoring pest control
  • Checking for any signs of breach to the tenancy terms
  • Checking the safety and security of the property
  • Locating any areas of dampness or damage within the property
  • Identifying any items to be repaired by Tenant/Landlord
  • Reporting any areas that are deteriorating due to wear and tear and may require attention

Property Reports

Accurate and detailed reports will be issued regularly to Landlords on the results of the inspections. We will advise of any up keep services if required i.e. gardening, window cleaning, pest control, and air conditioning servicing. Permission, if necessary, to be obtained from the Landlord to undertake any maintenance repairs. During the period of warranty that new builds have, all defects will be reported on site for verification and rectification by contractors free of charge.

Final Warranty Inspection

Prior to the expiry of the developers/contractors warranty period for your property we will return to complete a thorough inspection of your property. This will be as extensive as the initial snagging inspection and in addition may include any defects that have not been fully completed previously or correctly, and any new items or observations we can request them to correct while under warranty. This would be the last opportunity to report these findings as once expired all defects would become chargeable and owners responsibility unless damage caused by Tenant. Photographic evidence of pending items can be supplied to the Landlord and developer/contractor to assist and verify the defect.

Maintenance and Repairs

If the property requires any maintenance that is chargeable to Landlords we will arrange repairs in a professional and cost effective manner, monitoring quality of service and to cause as little inconvenience to Landlords/Tenants. Maintenance work which includes electrical, plumbing, painting, handy man repairs, that is non urgent, you will be notified in advance of costs for approval. An optional retainer of any amount can be held with Sensatori Properties in credit of your account, to assist with payment and avoid any delay in work being carried out. This retainer can also be used for payment of any other ad hoc services you may have requested and approved quotation. A maintenance statement and history will be recorded to investigate any repeat problems and in order to offer you preventative maintenance options if more cost effective. The maintenance report/statement can be made available to you on your request. In event of holding any maintenance retainer or a slush fund, this amount can be refunded to you at any time or you can top it up to increase the existing balance. Property under contractors warranty, defects may be free of charge. Non-urgent repairs will be conducted within 72 hours of payment. In cases of emergency, the work will be immediate and payment thereafter.

Security Monitoring

A thorough check of the property regularly for disturbances or damages. We will conduct an internal and external walk around, checking that all the windows and doors are locked and secure. We will introduce ourselves to your neighbours and leave contact details to report any problems. If you require additional security measures e.g. manned guarding service, property intrusion detection systems, personal protection, and home alarm systems these will be available on your request and we will provide a quotation of cost for your consideration.

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